What is in the Yemeni press today?

What is in the Yemeni press today?



  1. Dozens of women protested in Taiz city on Saturday against the Houthi massacres in al-Haymah countryside. The protesters said in statement the massacres “are going under the watchful eye of the international community and the UN Envoy Martin Griffiths who didn’t bother to issue a condemnation, but made an ugly attempt to save the Houthis from [US] terror designation.” /Published by Yemen Talk news website

  2. The Houthi militia is waging a massive campaign of kidnapping and forced displacements against the people in its controlled parts of Rahabah district, in Marib province./Multiple websites
  3. Houthi militants executed a patient in a hospital in the provincial capital of the northern Aljawf province./Multiple websites


  1. Houthis are using devilish (cunning) ways to withdraw hard currency from the liberated provinces and freezing the accounts of customers in CAC Bank and the militia’s ‘central bank.’/Bawabati
  2. A Houthi campaign has killed 11880 stray dogs in Sana’a in a cruel way stoking wide anger./ Watan Alghad.
  3. A Houthi tribal figure and his sons assault and stab an elderly man (Yusuf Ahmed Qasem Aljudayeei, 60) because he claimed his Social Cafety card from the Houthi militant./Multiple websites. The Social Safety Card in Yemen is the voucher whereby you receive trimonthly governmental (cash) benefit.




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