Houthi militants kidnap 3 women, 8 men in massacred Al-Hayma villages

Houthi militants kidnap 3 women, 8 men in massacred Al-Hayma villages

Houthi Shia extremists have kidnapped three women and eight men in Al-Hayma area in central Yemen’s Taiz governorate as part of continuous abuses since massacring villagers there early this month, informed sources said.

The Taiz Human Rights Center said the militia “kidnapped three women and eight other civilians from Alminqaa’ah village in al-Haymah,” north of the governorate.  


The Centers said the “Houthi militants stormed Alminqaa’ah village with armored patrol cars and broke into houses using excessive force” and intimidation as part of the militia’s continuous “war crimes against the [Al-Haymah] villages.”

The center said, “Since the beginning of the Houthi attack on al-Haymah, 207 people including women and children have been kidnapped.”


The people of Al-Haymah, under the control of Houthis since the 2015 invasion, refused to pay prohibitive religious taxes to the theocratic militia. The militia amassed a huge force of 60 military trucks including tanks and armored vehicles and by January 19 killed 15 people, injured 37, kidnapped more than 200, planted bombs in 15 houses and blew them up and set three others ablaze. The slain villagers were dragged, hanged, and otherwise mutilated. Despite the villagers’ submission, the militants have not stopped raiding the villages, storming the houses, looting their contents and kidnapping people.

The western media outlets and so-called “UN humanitarian” officials maintain their usual and well-known attitude toward such unpleasant hard facts and news that cast the Houthis in a bad light: Total ignorance.   



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