The conspirators’ resolve is so strong: Houthi terror designation will be revoked

The conspirators’ resolve is so strong: Houthi terror designation will be revoked









By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

I am not a prophet of gloom and doom. But we as Yemenis know what prolonged the conflict and expanded the Shia Houthi militia’s control in our country: The conspiracy of the United Nations and a broad section of the western media outlets and think-tanks.

These conspirators, known for their strong resolve, always turned a blind eye to the Houthi terrorism for six years, for all the magnitude of the terrorism. They instead used the consequences of the “humanitarian crisis” which Houthis triggered as a tool of pressure to stop the army’s advance in Houthi-held cities, shake the legitimate army’s defense of its held cities, scale back the aerial attacks on Houthi targets, expand the Houthi control, provide all sorts of financial and technical support to them, help them expand and consolidate their rule, and finally legitimize them in effect as the de facto authority.

So it is no surprise that the UN Special Envoy, other UN officials and many western media platforms rose up in a united voice condemning the designation. The picture of the conspiracy, however, becomes clear when one sees an odd polarization the US State Department’s designation caused: All Yemen’s media platforms received the designation with welcomes, sighs of relief, and even rebukes that the move was “late” and it “took too much bloodshed” have the Houthis categorized “what they deserve and belong”, on the one hand. All the western media and the UN’s humanitarian officials and agencies launched a fierce outcry campaign against it on the other over what they claim to be “humanitarian” concerns!

Acknowledging the Houthi terrorist nature and not knowing how to present a strong argument removing the designation, some wrote:  “The Houthis are a violent and dangerous organization — with very extremist propaganda — but they have not attacked Americans or Israelis, despite their rhetoric.” !

Not knowing how to defend the Houthis, Martin Griffiths told the Security Council “We fear that there will be inevitably a chilling effect on my efforts to bring the parties together” !

Griffiths is surer than us, Yemenis, that Houthis, as maximalist theocrats pursuing a theocratic rule, can never be peaceable and can never believe in any settlement other than full surrender of the government to their “God-given” dynastical rule.

All other advocates of Houthis know that.

But they ignore it and keep protecting the Houthis and the Yemeni standoff to stay.

Having such a resolve to salvage the Houthis, I expect these conspirators will keep the pressure until the US designation revokes its designation and let the Shia terrorists come back to free reign again. Now or as soon as the new US president begins his tenure.

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