Headlines from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-14

Headlines from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-14


  1. Air defense shoot down two Houthi drones in Marib./Almeethaq News
  2. A man was killed and another man and his child were injured by Houthi landmine and sniper shooting in Hodeidah./Alsahwa Net
  3. The Interior Minister says Houthis, and Iranian and Lebanese experts stand behind the terror attack on Aden Airport./Al-Ahrar Net.

  4. A former employee at Oxfam says his former employer's [critical] response to US terror labeling of Houthis is disgraceful./Yemen Media
  5. A civilian has been injured by a landmine explosion in Taiz/Alharf 28.
  6. A Houthi leader warns his group: You have no choice but to accept the outcomes of the National Dialogue outcomes.

  7. In the aftermath of the designation of Houthis as a terrorist organization, the government forms a committee to develop mechanisms of approaching the humanitarian crisis./Hadharem Net.



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