Taiz: Dozens of people protest at Houthi massacres in their villages

Taiz: Dozens of people protest at Houthi massacres in their villages



Scores of people organized on Wednesday a protest in the government-held provincial capital of Taiz against at the Houthi massacre of their relatives and acquaintances outside the city a week ago.

The protesters held a rally in front of the governor’s office and issued a statement  to demand the “UN Special Envoy, the international community and human rights organizations to assume their obligation in protecting the people” of their Al-Haymah villages from Houthi aggression.

The Houthis, a Shiit version of Daesh ruling northwest Yemen including some Taiz countryside, wanted to impose exorbitant religious taxes on the farmers of Al-Haymah, but met refusal. By Wednesday, January 6, they besieged the villages by more than 70 military trucks including three tanks and several armored vehicles and squashed the village. The militants killed 10 people, injured 31, kidnapped more than 200 including 13 children, stormed 173 houses, blew up five, and imposed their will on the survivors.

The protesters said in their statement that “this terrorist savage attack on Al-Haymah villages was not the first. It had been preceded by three offensive in the years 2015, 2017, and 2018.

The protesters demanded the Yemeni government to liberate their villages and break the Houthi six year long siege on the provincial capital.

The UN consecutive envoys and western media persistently turned a blind eye to Taiz, the city that suffered most in the war.

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