Houthi extremists drag corpses of slain villagers in Taiz

Houthi extremists drag corpses of slain villagers in Taiz


Houthi militants have reportedly mutilated and dragged the corpses of civilians they killed in al-Haymah district of Taiz, several media sources reported. As part of their incessant six year war against the government and oppositionist populations, the Shia theocratic extremists launched last week a fierce military campaign against al-Haymah a group of villages in central Yemen's Taiz governorate to impose religious taxes on them. By Sunday, they killed 35 civilians, injured dozens, kidnapped more than 140 people and destroyed several houses, five by detonation.

Social media users shared a video (attached) of Houthi militants standing over the dead bodies of villagers reported killed and dragged. The theocratic militants appear calling their dead victims mercenaries and Kuffar (non-Muslims)."

The militia repeatedly recruit and radicalize fighters and launch campaigns under the slogan of "Tough Against the Unbelievers," sort of excommunicating oppositionists out of Islam to legalize their killing.



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