So many hypocrites are making the outcry to save Yemen’s destroyers from harm!

So many hypocrites are making the outcry to save Yemen’s destroyers from harm!







By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer


Since US officials first revealed that the Trump administration intent to designate Houthis - the authors of Yemen’s misery - terrorists, a host of politicians and humanitarian and media organizations unleashed a wave of outcries citing alleged concerns about the humanitarian impact on the civilians in the Houthi-controlled areas. So much so that the Trump administration seemed to want to back down.


Now as the administration’s designation intent is surfacing again, the voices of opposition are surfacing too, bent on dashing any hopes for criminalizing Houthism and resolving the protracted war militarily.


What is odd is that these objectors to the terror labeling use the war prolongation as a purported concern to oppose the designation decision!


The Washington Post has said in an article “One individual with knowledge of the matter said … that the new administration was expected to vacate it ..” !


So we are already hearing about some intents to abolish the over-deserved designation even before it is issued!

It is really astonishing why there are so many behind-the-scene organizations always in a state of readiness to lobby for the radical militia that is responsible for destroying Yemen.


The alleged concerns about the decision’s impact on the humanitarian crisis and so-called peace track, can never be the explanation for all this vehement desire to save Houthis from the designation.  Because Houthis are the authors of the war and the misery, and are the guarantee of their continuity. The objectors know it.


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