Houthis squash Taiz villagers under the world’s watchful eye

Houthis squash Taiz villagers under the world’s watchful eye


By Sarah Hassan

The Shia extremist Houthi militia have finally controlled the villages of al-Hayamah in Yemen’s central Taiz governorate after killing and injuring 35 villagers including women and children inside their houses; kidnapping 144 others; and blowing up several houses by bombardment and planted bombs.  


Al-Haymah, to the northwest of Taiz’s besieged provincial capital is a region of farmlands within the sphere of control of Houthis. The dynastical militia, a Shiit version of Daesh, wanted to impose exorbitant religious taxes on the farmers but met refusal. By Wednesday, the villages were besieged by more than 70 military trucks including three tanks and several armored vehicles, firing on lightly armed villagers and the villages’ houses indiscriminately from different directions.  The reaction of the helpless government in Aden was limited to condemning the campaign as genocidal and as “crimes that make the government more determined to restore the territories” under Houthi control.

Several rights organizations including Taiz Human Rights Center and Equality for Rights and Freedoms decried the savage offensive appealing for an international rush to the “rescue and relief aid” of the civilians. As usual, because Houthis are the aggressors, the appeals fell on deaf ears.

By Saturday evening, the militia took full control of the village and took dozens more people into forced disappearance.

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