Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-10

Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-10


  1. The Government: The international community’s attitude of standing by passively is what emboldened Houthis to go too far in atrocities./Almanarah Net
  3. The army liberates a range of mountains in Aljawf after fierce battle with Houthis. /Anbaa Aden

  5. Presidential Guards forces are set to move to Aden within the coming hours./Almashehad Alyemeni.

  7. Houthis stuff hostages in unventilated cells in Sana’a jails./Alsahwa Net.

  9. Four students from Aden’s main public university invent an eviroment-friendly truck./Multiple websites
  10. Information Minister: Houthis have replaced the national anthem with the Khomeini revolutionary anthem to inaugurate their sectarian events./Almanarah Net
  12. The Riyal continues to depreciate versus the US dollar./Multiple websites


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