Yemenis should write history now, while still fresh

Yemenis should write history now, while still fresh

By Sarah Hassan


Contributing opinion writer

We are all seeing the Nazi crimes of the Houthi militia in the country now while the government’s unarmed army struggles hard to defend the remaining safe civilians in its areas of control.

We have also seen how the United Nations, which nominally recognized the Yemeni government in 2012, stood by the Shia theocratic putschists ever after.

Today, six years of international conspiracies, the Yemeni army and its popular supporters are mostly defensive. The civilians under Houthis are suppressed into silence while living a life like hell. The train of Houthi massacres never stop in the government-held territories, especially in the besieged city of Taiz, where the militia pour down their missiles and mortar rounds on a daily basis. The heroic army, with no heavy arms or even salaries, is restricted by an undeclared international pressures to not do more than defend against final Houthi ground incursions.

At the same time, the UN is staying true to its principle – in effect –of defending the Shia putschists: Turning a blind eye persistently to their unmatched war crimes; refraining from pointing fingers at them for crimes they commit; refraining from declaring their responsibility for the failure of all the bygone peaceful settlement chances; refraining from relocating offices to the government’s  capital Aden during the war; continuing to supply various aid to the hands of Houthis even after it (the UN) acknowledged itself their had stolen them and converted them to a war tool; and turning a blind eye to the militia’s constantly opened small wars to genocide off minorities and oppositionist villages. 

Not only that, but more dangerously the UN is working to distort the fact of what is going on in Yemen for years and who is doing what, by faking a history of its own, where the too weak, merely defensive government is always portrayed, at best, as equal rights abuser with Houthis!!

Using the “There are no clean hands” fallacy, the UN Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen claimed in their latest reports that human rights violations have been committed by the government, Houthis …” ! Just like that!!

This is why we, Yemenis, should write our history while still fresh. And we should not forget to document for our coming generations how the UN was behaving like a hardcore Houthi ideologue, defending the bloody Shia militants in various ways including by lessening their guilt through wrongfully upping the government to their level of criminality! On no factual grounds, but just the tyranny of the organization’s passion.  



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