Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-08

Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-08

  1. Thousands of protesters in the government-held city center of Taiz have demanded the international community to end the Houthi siege on themselves and on Al-Haymah, an outskirt under Houthi control, but the militia started to encircle and shell with tanks from this week./Multiple websites.
  2. Musawat Organization: What Houthis are doing in Taiz are crimes against humanity/ AlThawrah Net
  3. The Yemeni people are subject to a forced displacement by the Houthi [Political Council’s leader] Almashat and [self-styled Prime Minister] Bin Habtoor. /Alshahed News
  4. The Yemeni government renews its demands for designating Houthis a terrorist group./Hadharem Net
  5. Prime Minister Abdulmalik: The attack on Aden Airport is an alarm about the danger of not dealing firmly with the Houthi terrorism/Alhekmah Net
  6. The chief of the Southern Transitional Council Aideroos al-Zabidi says the territories [ of the south] would remain under the control of his forces to force the world to grant the south “the right to self-determination.”./Alshahed News.


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