Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-07

Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-07


  1. The chief of the separatist Southern Transitional Council Ayderoos al-Zabeedi says on the Abu Dhabi-based Sky News Arabic TV channel that “peace will materialize in Yemen only through the two-state solution.”
  3. Houthis are besieging Al-Haymah with 60 military patrol cars, armored vehicles and tanks/Yemen Time
  1. Residents of al-Haymah, a district in Taiz, are appealing for rescue from the Houthi militant launching a campaign against them./Alsahwa Net website.
  3. Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani calls on the international community to condemn the Houthi offensive against al-Haymah./Maz Press.

  4. The head of the government’s ceasefire team in Hodeidah Mohammed Aydha said in a tweet, “my advice to the UN Special Envoy is to limit his Aden visitto offering condolences to the relatives of the victims - of the terrorist attack that Houthis launched on Aden airport- and not to bring forward” hisComprehensive Political Solution proposal./Almasdar Online
  6. Griffiths arrives in Aden/Seerah Post

  7. A security official was injured in an assasination attempt - by bomb planted to his car - in Aden/Yemen Monitor.

  9. The Houthi militia have committed a massacre against civilians in al-Hayma area of Taiz./Almanarah Net

  11. Houthis order all public and private offices in Sana’a to be prepared with safety tools in anticipation of a coming popular revolution against them. /Voice of Yemen.

  13. The White House is witnessing mass resignations after Trump’s coup against the legitimate government in the Congress./Newsline

  15. This is how Houthis and ISIL cooperated in seizing and striking the people of Huymadha village in Beidha: A human rights report. /Almasdar Online.
  17. Multiple websites reported that Houthis are force Sana’a school students to attend what the militia call the ‘martyrs’ photo exhibitions.


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