Houthis, ISIL took turns in seizing Beidha villagers.

Houthis, ISIL took turns in seizing Beidha villagers.

Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties has unveiled that Houthis and ISIL had colluded with each other and took turns in cracking down and seizing people from Hemaydhat Sheteir village of Qayfa region in Al Beidha province.

In a report on Thursday, the organization said Houthi warlord Ahmed Sayf Aldhahab led a military campaign against the village in 2015 but failed. The following year armed men calling themselves the Islamic State began to appear and military sites affiliate to them began to pop up around the village and began provoking the villagers mainly Al Salooh clan gradually until they launched a full-blown military offensive on them. The organization said ISIL camps received food and military ammunition from Houthis, and followers of the Houthi warlord began joining the ISIl camps.

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