Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-06

Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-06

  1. President Hadi tells Martin Griffiths the Houthi militia are not interested in peace. /Multiple website.
  3. To take revenge from people who captured photos of the flying missiles fired at Aden airport, the Houthi militia are shelling al-Taiziya district in Taiz governorate as a collective punishment./Almeethaq News.

  4. The government has announce the increase of the death toll from Aden airport attack to 135. /Nabdh al-Share’a.

  5. The government is expected to issue decision to increase public salaries by 70%./Yemen Voice.

  6. Minister of Sports inaugurates the headquarters of his ministry in the temporary capital Aden./Multiple websites.
  8. The Houthi militia have kidnapped three employees of the public oil exploration and production company “Safer”./Multiple websites.


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