Press summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-05

Press summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-05


  1. The Southern Transitional Council have banned the Sports Minister Nayef al-Bakri from exercising his duties in Aden./Yemen Sky
  2. Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN has called on the UN Security Council to issue a condemnation of the Aden airport terror attack and clearly name the perpetrators behind it./State-run news agency (Saba).
  4. “They seized his house, blew it up and killed three of his sons. Watch this video of a man telling the tragedy he experienced at the hands of the Houthi militia,” reads a headline on Voice of Yemen news website.
  6. A senior government official says the UAE forces in Hadhramout have disallowed the government to re-operate the country’s third largest airport, Al-Rayan./Marib Press.
  8. Houthi militia leaders decide to set up private pharmacies in public hospitals as part of the efforts to exploit all public services to their advantage./Khabar News Agency.
  10. A new coronavirus wave is hitting Sana’a amidst Houthi blackout /Aden Alghad.
  12. The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations documents 73 Houthi abuses in Taiz in three weeks./Aden Alghad.
  14. A senior security official has died succumbing to wounds sustained in the terror attack on Aden airport/AlmashehadAlkhaleeji.
  16. The national currency is depreciating fast./Multiple websites.






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