Aden attack’s lesson to Yemenis: Bet on the firearm only

Aden attack’s lesson to Yemenis: Bet on the firearm only

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

December, the month Houthis were supposed to be designated a terror group by the US, is over.

Many, including Yemeni politicians, were betting that the US would designate the Houthis, as a foreign terrorist organization within the month.

Houthis concluded the month and the year with an unprecedented terror attack and escaped the terror designation!

The malign actors now want them to escape the punishment too.

The Aden massacre served to some such actors as a “tragic reminder of the importance of” peace - with Houthis!

These foreign responses should serve to us as a reminder that the ones we pin hopes on to criminalize Houthi terrorism are themselves maximalist supporters of this Shiit Daesh! So, my advice to the Yemeni politicians: Don’t send distress signals everywhere. No everyone is a friend or a fair judge. We are in a world full of evil and ill intentioned.

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