Aden massacre shows the truth western media have almost hidden

Aden massacre shows the truth western media have almost hidden

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The attack that was directed at the government returning from exile to Aden International Airport missed all the cabinet members, killing 22 people and injured scores more, mostly civilians.

People waiting to receive the arriving government, journalists, International Red Cross employees, students and other ordinary passengers constituted most of the casualties.


If Wednesday afternoon’s attack shows one thing, it is what western media have hidden and kept the world in the dark about: That civilians always pay the price of the Houthi militia’s war with the government.  

Being hardcore supporters of the Shia putschists, the western media, along with likeminded humanitarian organizations, have – over the years- adopted the Houthi narrative and exaggerations to portray that the civilian casualties in the Yemeni war come only from the Arab Coalition’s airstrikes. The strikes of which almost 80% erred on the side of caution, hitting, in Sana’a, the same mountainous military sites that had been hit in the first month of the war! The strikes which could never come in the way of Houthis becoming the power who they have become.

The 2020-12-30 massacre reveals that civilians are primarily the victims of the Houthi hostility acts, the truth the western media’s years of dishonest reporting has hidden!

With lies that have saved the Houthis from being designated as a terrorist group this month. Which they concluded with a despicable terrorist attack!

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