PM: We will never fear the threats

PM: We will never fear the threats

Alsahwa Net - Defying fierce Houthi attacks trying to force his just arriving government to return to exile, Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik defied the Shia theocratic terrorists by convening the first cabinet meeting in Aden and vowing “we will never fear the threats.”

Abdulmalik and his government miraculously escaped a Houthi missile attack that killed and injured several dozens of civilians when the plane carrying them landed in Aden airport.

When he and his government were transferred to the safe Almaadheeq President Palace, Houthi drones reportedly followed them and kept hitting near the building. "We will never fear the threats however dangerous they are," he said as he headed the cabinet meeting the following day. 

The cabinet stood in a moment of silence for the casualties, condemned the attack and vowed to stand to the Houthi militia until the country is restored from their control.



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