Press Summary 2020-12-27

Press Summary 2020-12-27



  1. The Houthi militants have laid a siege around neighborhood of Khitam al-Eshari the woman they killed in a house raid in central Yemen’s al-Odayn town last Thursday to intimidate the neighborhood’s people into silence as the crime has become in the media cycle. Khitam’s brother Nabil also said his family members are being interrogated while the Houthi killers are at large./Arab Network News, Belqees TV channel and other websites.
  3. The Saudi mine action program MASAM has so far cleared 1352 landmines and UXOs in the fourth week of December. /24 Post.
  5. Hadhramout Alliance, the biggest tribal confederation, has issued a statement calling on the UAE to evacuate Al-Rayyan Airport. /Almashehad Alyemeni.
  7. An exiled leader in the Southern [anti-Houthi] Resistance Force Adel al-Hassani said the UAE stipulated the exception of top state leaders including President Hadi from returning to Aden./Watan Alghad.
  9. The Yemeni Riyal is making significant gains after the new Cabinet was sworn-in./Multiple websites.
  11. The army has removed six Houthi naval mines in the Red Sea./Multiple website.
  13. The Southern Transitional Council rebel militia have not withdrawn troops as required under the Riyadh Agreement. Almost only a ceasefire was instead enforced in Abyan frontline, as an excuse to pressure Hadi into declaring the government./Alharf 28.


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