Houthis’ killing of pregnant woman draws wide condemnation on social media

Houthis’ killing of pregnant woman draws wide condemnation on social media


Alsahwa Net – The killing of a pregnant woman in a dawn raid by Houthis in central Yemen's Ibb has drawn wide condemnations on social media, many sharing the catchy picture of the woman's two young sons crying over their mother's dead body.

Members of the Houthi theocratic organization controlling northwest Yemen raid the house of Mohammed al-Eshari and assaulted his pregnant wife Ahlam al-Eshari to death in front of her four children.

"I swear that the blood of the martyr Ahlam al-Eshari is the responsibility of every Yemeni," tweeted Abu Wafi.

"Ahlam al-Eshari will not be the last wound the Houthi militia incurs on the dignity of the Yemenis," tweeted the speaker of the parliament Sultan al-Barakani. "It (the Houthi militia) has defiled all the sacred and transgressed all the prohibited … and left nothing to be on for the [possibility of] peace and coexistence with it," he said.

"The Yemeni people are being killed, displaced and its women are being defiled by the Houthis, while the government are leading a life of luxury in Riyadh, not concerned," tweeted Salem al-Maliki.

"The looks of the two children sum up a chapter in the tragedy of a nation, the reporting of whose suffering is not something the human rights organizations like if Houthis are the culprits," tweeted Tamer Aljaylani.

"Is this picture enough to resuscitate the dead hearts … and the world's conscience in collusion with the [Iranian] Mullah's gangs," wrote journalist Abdullah al-Moneefi.






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