Press Summary from Yemeni websites 2020-12-20

Press Summary from Yemeni websites 2020-12-20


- A five year old girl, Nihal Abduh, was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Taiz on Sunday. 


- The Yemeni Riyal has regained some value against the US dollar./Multiple websites.


- The Saudi ambassador has announced that the Yemeni government will return to Aden in a time span ranging from one week to ten days./Alshahed News.

- Roving vendor kills five municipality officers in Bab Alyemen in Sana'a, after the crackdown and exorbitant extortions imposed on vendors including himself./Multiple websites.


- The Saudi mine action program announced on Sunday it had extracted 1346 Houthi-laid landmines and UXOs in the third week of December./ Multiple websites.


-  A Houthi landmine has killed a man and injured a child in Aljawf province./Yemen Talk.

- Yemeni sources: The government will not make the constitutional oaths in Aden./Alharf 28.


- Copying Houthis, the STC make unprecedented show of military force in Aden streets./Watan Alghad.   











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