Houthis bomb more than 800 houses in six years, says CSO

Houthis bomb more than 800 houses in six years, says CSO

Alsahwa Net- Houthis have bombed 816 houses across Yemen over the past six years, a Yemeni CSO based in Marib revealed on Friday.

The chief of the Civil Organization for the Homeless Victimized by House Bombing Ms. Khadijah Ali  said, "The provinces most affected by the bombing campaign was Taiz with 151 houses, followed by Beidha, 124 houses, Ibb, 120 houses and others." "There are regions where the houses were bombed en mass as is the case with Hajoor region in Hajjah [north of Yemen]," she said.

Khadijah said the losses are worth "billions of Riyals and have taken a toll on the morale of the victims who owned these houses." "Because they became homeless."

Khadijah called on the international community to get the extremist militia punished. The theocratic militia lace houses of oppositionists with bombs and detonate them remotely.


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