Two child officers fighting in Houthi ranks get killed in Marib

Two child officers fighting in Houthi ranks get killed in Marib


Alsahwa Net – Two children holding military titles in the Shia extremist militia of Houthis have been killed in the fighting against government forces in Marib, Yemeni media platforms reported.

“Captain” Al-Ameer Ali al-Hakem and First Lieutenant Asef Saeed Al-Shihari were killed in the recent confrontations in Marib,” reported Anbaa Aden news website. The story did not include the ages of the young militants but the pictures indicate they are young teenagers.

The sources said the families were lured by the military titles given to their children to get them into the warfronts. Yemeni NGOs and observers say the Houthi militia throughout its history is an army of radicalized children.

Just yesterday the National Resistance published a report blacklisting 53 Houthi leaders including the militia’s Education Minister for recruiting child soldiers in Sana’a including 325 children who were killed in the different frontlines against the government during the first ten months of 2020.

The statistics was gathered from following up the funerals broadcast on the Houthi TV channel “Almasirah”.




Press Summary from news websites 2020-12-17


  1. A major populist uprising against Houthis in Sana’a is drawing close, reads one headline on Yemen Voice website.
  2. Fifty three Houthi leaders are involved in recruiting hundreds of child soldiers and causing their death./24 Post.
  3. A social campaign is warning against not repairing Hayjat al-Abd mountainous road, the only humanitarian conduit to Taiz, and against the embezzlement of half a billion Riyals allocated as maintenance costs./Alharf 28.
  4. Watch the Video: The Giants Brigades [of the Combined Forces] deploy in the frontlines of the warring parties in Abyan./Anaween Post.
  5. The new Cabinet will be declared today, Thursday, and the return [of Hadi’s authority] to Aden will take place next week./Anaween Post.
  6. A human rights NGO accuses the Houthis of committing 148 abuses including killing 17 civilians and injuring 82 others in Taiz last November. /Almashehad Alyemeni.




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