Politicians: Liberating Hodeidah is the only way to stop the militia’s threats to navigation

Politicians: Liberating Hodeidah is the only way to stop the militia’s threats to navigation






Alsahwa Net - Yemeni politicians have called for the resumption of the operations to liberate the city of Hodeidah ports from the grip of the Houthis and ignoring of the "Stockholm Agreement", which gave the Iran-affiliated militia an opportunity to escalate its attacks against shipping in the Red Sea, whether by operating booby-trapped boats or planting sea mines.

The politicians said the Agreement also give the militia an opportunity to continue smuggling Iranian weapons and robbing financial resources. These calls came after the escalation of attacks targeting oil tankers in Saudi ports, in addition to vital energy installations, with booby-trapped boats, drones and missiles. The latest of these attacks, which the Houthis are likely to stand behind, was the targeting of an oil tanker in the Saudi port of Jeddah with a booby-trapped boat last Monday.

 The Yemeni public opinion is that the continued international leniency toward the Houthi militia will incite it to execute further attacks, especially after the latest attacks that bypassed the Yemeni waters to the shipping routes in the Red Sea and the Saudi ports. Yemeni writer and academician Dr. Faris Al-Bail said in his interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: “The liberation of Hodeidah - the last Red Sea area under Houthi control, would have clearly affected Houthi military capabilities, in terms of smuggling in weapons and equipment first, and in terms of the militia’s ability to maneuver at the sea and attack vessels.” Al-Bail added: “But keeping this maritime space in the hands of the Houthis is a bargain chip in the militia’s hand against the oppositionists and peace mediators.”



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