Development in Shabwa attracts interest of Western media

Development in Shabwa attracts interest of Western media

Alsahwa Net – Journalists from major Western newspapers praised the developmental activity taking place in Shabwa after their visit to the governorate at the beginning of last month. The Guardian, the British Telegraph, the American Los Angeles Times, the French Lemond, the German Der Spiegel, the German De Zeit and the Spanish El País wrote about the hope that is arising in Shabwa from among all the difficulties that a country like war-torn Yemen suffers. The newspapers recently published various reports and news stories about Shabwa and the developmental movement in the governorate, which is unique to it among all Yemeni governorates. The German magazine Der Spiegel described Shabwa governorate as “home to a minor miracle." This came in a lengthy field report prepared by the journalist, Christoph Reuter, who was among a Western press delegation that visited the province recently. " First, a hospital was built, and now a holiday resort is in the works,” the magazine said. "The local governor would like to see the province provide a model for the country's future," says the article.


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