Minister warns of Iranian intellectual invasion of Yemen

Minister warns of Iranian intellectual invasion of Yemen

Alsahwa Net- Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani stressed that the cultural and intellectual invasion wars are no less dangerous than military wars, calling on the Yemeni people to confront them firmly.


The minister called for protecting the identity of the nation against the Persian invasion.

Al-Eryani said, "The efforts of the Iranian regime and its Houthi proxy to undermine the Arabic language and replace it with the Persian language are part of the plan to target Yemen's identity, Arabism and cultural heritage, and to settle Iranian deviant culture and thought.

Al-Eryani added, "The closing of the Arabic language department and the establishment of the Persian language department at Sana'a University is part of the Iranian invasion and the cultural war on Yemen, and an endeavor to disperse generations and glorify the symbols of Iranian terrorism, and one of the aspects of attempts to smear the Arab identity that Iran and its Houthi tools have been seeking from an early age."

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