UN fixed attitude not to blame Houthis now draws all the attention, criticism

UN fixed attitude not to blame Houthis now draws all the attention, criticism


By Rudhwan Qayed

Alsahwa Net- What seems to be a fixed attitude by the United Nations officials not to point the finger of blame at Houthis for the crimes they do is drawing all the attention and criticism amongst Yemeni government officials and independent activists alike.

Abdullah Salah, a rights activist, says the UN Special Envoy and the Humanitarian Coordinator, who should condemn at least the major Houthi atrocities always follow this trajectory: They avoid commenting on the Houthi massacres as much they can. And when they do comment under mounting criticisms, they will always come up with broad terms that refrain from pointing the finger directly at Houthis. Or they will seek to dilute the Houthi responsibility by distributing the blame among the warring ‘parties.’ Even when the atrocity in question is widely known to be the unprovoked work of Houthis.” Salah said this “seemingly fixed attitude not to blame Houthis is now drawing more attention and criticism in the Yemeni government and civil society circles than the Houthi appalling acts themselves!”


The chief of the national Supreme Commission for  Relief Aid Abdurakib Fatah is one such government official who reveals a constant consciousness about the UN constant “bias.” Fatah, who almost makes no press statement without attacking the envoy and the coordinator” openly accused, in a statement yesterday, the Coordinator, Lisa Grande, of maintaining “a cover-up” on Houthi crimes. The statement published by the state-run news agency quoted Fatah as saying that “the coordinator and her office bear the direct responsibility for the constant cover-up” on the Houthi militants who had executed consecutive atrocities within the previous days including the shelling and killing of child football players in Taiz on Saturday.

Fatah condemned “the Humanitarian Coordinator’s constant refrain from frankly condemning the armed Houthi militia for the crimes they openly commit in Marib, Aljawf, Hodeidah, Taiz and elsewhere.”

 Fatah calling on the coordinator to “review the statements they issue” and act according to the humanitarian charters of the United Nations.”



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