Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2020-12-15

Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2020-12-15


  1. The army foils a plot to trigger unrest in Shabwa, arrests six men who fired shells on the natural gas liquefaction plant in Balhaf./ Anaween Post website.
  2. Government forces and STC confront heavily, exchanging artillery fire./Al-Shahed News.
  3. “Crater Sky has this initial photo to publish about the [STC] handover the Special Forces Camp in Abyan,” reads a headline on Crater Sky website.
  4. The Houthis, who occupied Sana’a to reverse ‘a price rise’, have increased the price of yoghurt by five folds./Voice of Yemen.
  5. The Houthis are fighting [sacrificing themselves] in a suicide-like manner along the frontlines of Marib and Aljawf./Almanarah Net.
  6. With UAE instructions, the STC avoid withdrawal of forces in Abyan and reinforce their outposts in Hadeed Mountain in Aden./Voice of Yemen.
  7. Houthis offer military protection for Saudi Arabia./Multiple websites.
  8. The Yemeni government warns the world of ignoring Houthi terrorism in the Red Sea./Almashehad Alkhaleeji


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