WHO: More than 7,600 deaths since early of 2015

WHO: More than 7,600 deaths since early of 2015

World Health Organization has reported that more than7,600 persons died and close to 42,000 people were injured since the escalation of the conflict in March 2015. 

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh on late 2014 carried out a coup against the legitimate government in Yemen and plunged the country into chaos. 

“With more than 14.8 million people lacking access to basic health care, the current lack of funds means the situation will get much worse,” said Nevio Zagaria, WHO Acting Representative in Yemen.

“We are asked to fill gaps created by the collapsing health institutions,” noted Dr. Zagaria, adding: “[however] last year, [we] received less than half of the $124 million required.”

“We urgently need resources to help support the health system as a whole, and are calling on donors to scale-up their support before more innocent lives are lost unnecessarily,” underscored Dr. Zagaria.

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