Al-Saadi: Food insecurity and famine threaten the future of Yemen's generations

Al-Saadi: Food insecurity and famine threaten the future of Yemen's generations



Yemen’s representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, affirmed that the food insecurity and famine looming in Yemen have many dire consequences that not only affect the lives of the current generation, but threaten the future of many coming generations.

At the high-level event sponsored by the United Kingdom and Sweden entitled “Avoiding Famine in Yemen: What Can Be Done Now and in 2021,” he said: “The impact of food insecurity on the growth of children's cognitive and cognitive capacities means that many Yemenis, unfortunately, will fall in the Trap of poverty for decades.

"In this regard, he called on the international community to continue its support and generous contributions, directly and through the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan, to help Yemenis overcome the ongoing crisis and its future repercussions throughout Yemen, including the areas that are not currently classified in the IPC in Yemen.

 Ambassador Al-Saadi pointed out that we cannot ignore how the economic collapse leads to an increase in human suffering, explaining that the inability of people to buy food, not the lack of food in the country, is in fact the main driver of hunger and possibly famine.

Ambassador Al-Saadi stressed the importance of the international community's support for the Yemeni economy in limiting the aggravation of this humanitarian crisis and contributing significantly to preventing the danger of the looming disaster, adding that there is also a need for more focus on sustainable solutions, including through support for local producers.

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