Increasing Houthi child kidnapping stoke fears in Ibb: Reports

Increasing Houthi child kidnapping stoke fears in Ibb: Reports

Alsahwa Net- The increasing Houthi kidnapping of young children in Ibb is stoking fears of families, local media is reporting quoting anonymous in the central Yemen province controlled by the Shia theocratic militia.

Yemen Mubasher news website quoted sources as saying that the kidnapping problem is increasing “at an alarming level.”

The report dated 10th December cited the latest case of kidnapping 16-year-old girl Nisreen .H, 15-year-old girl Baraah, and two boys, aged 12 and three, all within the past few days.

The sources said “organized gangs affiliate to Houthi leaders” stand behind the prevailing kidnapping crimes.

The sources said the militants kidnap children with a view to blackmailing their families into paying ransoms but take boys capable of carrying arms to the warfronts to fight against the government.

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