Houthi maximalism is met with a UN leniency: Yemen gov’t spokesman

Houthi maximalism is met with a UN leniency: Yemen gov’t spokesman



Alsahwa Net- The maximalism of the theocratic militia of Houthis is met with leniency from the side of the United Nations, the spokesman of the Yemeni government Rajeh Badi said on Tuesday.


In an interview with the London-based Alsharq Alawsat daily, Badi said, “Since the [UN special envoy’s] presentation of the Joint Declaration six months ago, there is no positive sign from the Houthi side. There is an escalation on all fronts and Houthis say in their secret meeting with the diplomats they are seeking a military resolution.” And that “maximalism is met with UN leniency,” he said.

Badi said the UN’s remarks towards the Houthi crimes including the recent massacres in Durayhimi and Taiz were “shy condemnations that even refrained from pointing finger at the Houthis as the obvious perpetrator though it is known to everyone.”

Badi said, “Unless the Houthis feel that the international community is speaking in a more stern language and acting more seriously, the suffering of the Yemeni people will continue.”


The United Nations has been standing by silently as Houthis repeat, for several months, incessant bloody attempts to overrun government-held cities.


Underlying this silence, Yemeni analysts say, is a UN desire to see the Shia militants win and complete the Shia Crescent.  

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