Houthis stipulate armed participation for humanitarian aid

Houthis stipulate armed participation for humanitarian aid


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As Houthis manipulate the delivery of humanitarian aid in their regions of control, they are increasingly using it as a bargaining tool with the masses and stipulating on many people to join the warfronts if they want a food pack.

Mansour Ahmed, a man from Hodeidah, living in Sana'a told Alsahwa he has been trying to get his family registered in the list of entitled beneficiaries, but the Houthi militants "sort of compromise with you that you need to join the fronts [against the government]."

"I am not satisfied to go and fight, sustenance is in God's hands," he says. Mansour says he prefers to wash cars and do any work to earn his living, however meagre the income is. Mansour is just an example of thousands who are deprived of humanitarian aid for not accepting to participate in the Houthi relentless wars.



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