Press Summary from Yemeni websites

Press Summary from Yemeni websites



Alsahwa Net

  1. The Minister of Local Administration, the chief of the national Supreme Committee for Relief Aid Aburaqib Fatah tweeted that the government “exerted enormous efforts to stabilize the exchange rate of the national currency, but when the government’s work environment collapsed, the currency collapsed.”/Story published by AdenAlghad website. By the “government’s work environment,” Fatah was probably referring to the temporary capital, Aden.

  1. The STC militia declare a new military operation against the national army./Watan Alghad website.


  1. The Houthi militia unveil their plan to invade south Yemen, saying “We will never rest until we control every inch of the country.”/Almashehad Alyemeni.



  1. Yemeni online activists launch a campaign to remind people of Houthi crimes in Aden. The campaign hashtag #One_Voice: Houthis_are a Terrorist_Group. /Yemen Voice website.

  2. The army has forced sneaking Houthi militants to retreat and flee after killing many of them trying to sneak toward military outposts in Jabal Murad, Marib. /The Armed Forces’ Media Center.

  3. The US dollar has rocketed to YR 900 versus the Yemeni Riyal while President Hadi and PM Abdulmalik are sleeping. /Voice of Yemen

  4. Kuwait provides isolation centers in Shabwa province with medical assistance including devices to counter covid-19/Anbaa Aden.

  5. Activists stage a rally in Aden and demand the Houthis to be designated a terrorist group. /Al-Sahwa Net.



  1. The horrific Houthi massacre of civilians in Taiz is a war crime that should galvanize the international community into taking action, said Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms. / Almostakbal Online.

  2. The Houthi militia have opened new prisons in the [central Yemen] province of Ibb after the old prisons got stuffed at their capacity./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  3. Yemen: Unilateral Houthi war & war crimes expose int’l hypocrisy
  4. 2020-12-01
  5. By Sami Khaled
  6. The unilateral Houthi war against Yemeni cities and war crimes against civilians is increasingly exposing an international hypocrisy.
  7. Both the UN officials and the international media, who took the side of the Houthi militia for six years advancing only their narrative of the war, are completely ignorant as Houthis press ahead with their forever “holy war” in the country.
  8. Marib and Aljawf
  9. For the past year, especially the last three, months, the Iran-backed theocratic Houthi terrorists have been waging a relentless war on the peripheries of government-held provinces such as Marib and Aljawf in Yemen’s east and north east. Where the militia advanced, such as parts of Aljawf, they swept oppositionists and committed horrific abuses against them including executions.
  10. Where they could not and still - incessantly- trying such as Marib, the militants are re-displacing of thousands of IDPs and killing civilians by bombardment. And more than civilian casualties on the other side, the extremists are causing thousands of young children recruited out of their will to fight their expansionist war. Six hundred fighters mainly radicalized children have reportedly died in the war with the government forces defending Marib.
  11. Hodeidah and Taiz
  12. Civilians in these two western provinces, where the Houthi offensive neverstopped since 2015, have born the brunt of Houthi attacks seeking to secure more territorial advances. Thousands of civilians continue to get killed and injured as deliberate targets within the militia’s collective punishment strategy and as collateral casualties. The same applies to Taiz, which in addition to the continual genocidal shelling, suffers a six year long strangle siege. The last few days saw successive massacres in the two provinces.
  13. On Sunday the extremists killed and injured 17 civilians mostly and children in heavy bombardment of Durahyimi in Hodeidah. The following day, the extremists in Taiz shelled Osayfirah area killed two young girls and critically injured 10 others in rocket attacks on neighborhoods in the besieged city’s downtown.
  15. International hypocrisy
  16. The UN and international media which bleak over every Houthi claim of civilian casualty from rare Arab Coalition strikes, are completely ignoring the daily Houthi crimes from ground war especially the recent escalation.
  17. While the government forces and popular supporters are only on the defensive in the peripheries of the remaining government-held cities, the Houthis have been keeping the war and massacring Yemenis on all sides: Civilians in the oppositionist cities and armies of children they recruit of their will to go fight their unending war. They also maintain a range of other abuse forms concomitant to shelling as their mass killing method: landmining properties, sniper shootings and bombing houses. Two houses, one belonging to the father of a journalist, were bombed this week in the city.
  18. The UN and international media’s deafening silence while they watch this unilateral Houthi war has only emphasized the hypocritical history of the United Nations organization and many international media outlets towards what is going on in Yemen.









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