Family to detained journalist demand again his release

Family to detained journalist demand again his release

Alsahwa Net- The family to Tawfeeq Al-Mansouri, a detained journalist in Sana’a said on  Sunday that his health deteriorated dramatically and that he recently had renal failure symptoms.

While in prison, Al-Mansouri has been suffering from asthma, shortness of breath, heart rheumatism, diabetes and prostate, according to his family.

It said that the Houthis militants denied him access to medical care and banned him visitation 

The family said that Al-Mansouri had contracted earlier the coronavirus amid low immunity that threatens his life.

It held the Houthis full responsibility to Al-Mansouri’s life and health and demanded the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate to intervene for his release.

The Houthis continue holding captives six journalists in Sana’a since 2015 who have been exposed to worst forms of torture.

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