Press Summary & social media commentaries 2020-11-29

Press Summary & social media commentaries 2020-11-29

Traditional Press

  1. Houthi militia commit a bloody massacre in Durayhimi [of Hodeidah] killing and injuring 17 civilians including women and children./ A story published by Almasdar Online and multiple other websites.

  2. Houthis commit a massacre against civilians in Hodeidah. Watch this video, reads a headline on Almashehad Alkhaleeji on the same story.

  3. A man offers his kidney for sale to redeem his sister and her children from Houthi imprisonment in Saadah, / Published by Alharf 28 website.


  1. The Houthi militia have laced two houses with bombs in eastern Taiz city and blew them up./ The Arabic Network for News and other websites.

  2. A motorcyclist was slaughtered a gunman in Sana’a in a horrific way. / Almashehad Alyemeni website.


  1. A man by the name Mohammed al-Nidhami slaughtered a five-year-old daughter of his brother in Dhamar. /Multiple websites.


  1. Fierce battles in Marib and Aljawf are exhausting Houthis and the army is promising to retake al-Hazm city./ Aden Alghad.



  1. The Houthi militia have cut off internet from Aljawf isolating it from the world./Almeethaq News.
  2. Houthis are maintaining fierce arrest campaign as part of a crackdowns on people of Al-Hazm, the provincial capital of Aljawf./Multiple websites.



  1. Houthi invasion attempt at Marib threatens more than one million IDPs./Anbaa Aden.

  2. Houthi militia strukes Marib with ballistic missile on Saturday evening./Seerah Post.

  3. Former PM and current presidential advisor Bin Daghr calls, in a tweet, for unconditional implementation of the Riyadh Agreement./ Multiple websites.


  1. The Saudi mine action program MASAM removes 1385 Houthi-laid landmines from different pars of Yemen during the fourth week of November./Almanarah Net.


  1. Senior army officer Saleh al-Beel said among the Houthi militants killed in the recent clashes with the army in Aljawf are radicalized Ethiopian migrants, 26 September and other websites reported.


  1. Marib local government and Sports Ministry launch Marib Equestrian Championship 2020./ Multiple websites.


  1. The Houthi self-styled governor of Shabwa called from his city of residence, Sana’a, for sympathizers to bomb the oil pipelines in the government-held Shabwa, multiple websites reported.


  1. Army plans swift military operation to liberate four provinces. /Anbaa Aden.



  1. Large numbers of STC militants who hail from Yafe’a region have withdrawn from the frontline with the government in Abyan, accusing their comrades from Dhale’a of sacrificing less and thus suffering less casualties in the fight with the government forces ./Watan al-Ghad

  2. A man by the name Hameed Ashan has been killed by stepping on a Houthi-laid landmine in Ham mountains in Aljawf this afternoon as he was collecting timber to sell it, his way of earning livelihood. / Barakesh News.




  • The Yemeni Journalists Union has issued an urgent call to the ICRC to check on the health of journalist Tawfeek al-Mansouri who is reportedly going from bad to worse in a Houthi-run jail in Sana’a. /Multiple websites

  1. Unprecedented cash crisis threatens a massive eniroment in Yemen./Al-Shahed News
  2. As many as 1635 people including children and women have underwent despicable torture in Houthi jails this year. Some of them lost their lives, memory, movement ability or other conditions./Multiple websites quoting Rasd, a coalition of Yemeni rights organizations.


Social Media

  1. The arms in the hands of the STC militia is a time-bomb. The government should not be fooled again and again, should not form the government before the STC surrender the arms. /Facebook comment by Shahbeen Aljawareh.

  2. Seventeen civilians killed and injured in a Houthi massacre involving artillery bombardment. International rights NGOs are tightlipped. Even Griffiths and Lisa Grande did not “express concern”! What if this was the act of the Coalition or the Combined Forces? It seems that condemnations of murders have nothing to do with human rights protection motives. Condemnations depend on who kills and on the agenda of the condemners./Facebook Post Mohammed Jumeh.

  3. Just days ago, the UN was rushing off its feet not knowing what to do to convince Trump not to designate Houthis terrorists. How can you trust that such organization dislikes what Houthis did today?! / Nayef Saeed.

  4. However the number of people Houthis kill, the UN will still equate the Shia monsters with the poor army in blame. It is a UN agenda. /Facebook Post by Abdullah Ahmed.

  5. I could not watch the photos of the slain children. So disturbing. / FB post by Riyadh Sayf.




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