Press summary from Yemeni websites 2020-11-28

Press summary from Yemeni websites 2020-11-28

  1. A Houthi-laid landmine killed a child and injured two others in Hayfan of Taiz on Saturday. /Seera Post website reported the story.

  2. A Houthi launched ballistic missile aimed at Saudi Arabia lands prematurely in Sana’a causing casualties. / Several websites.

  3. Bracing for American terror designation, the Houthi militia blocks many Yemeni websites. / Several websites.

  4. Journalist Tawfeek al-Mansouri is suffering deteriorating health conditions in Houthi jails and his life is at risk./Yemen Sky.

  5. Senior Houthi leader Mohammed Ali al-Houthi is in bad condition as a result of an assassination attempt in Sana’a on Thursday. The wave of violence between several Houthi leaders is attributed to internal rivalry between the Houthis who hail from Sana’a and those from Saada. /Multiple websites.
  6. The army launches fierce attack on Houthis in Beidha [central Yemen province] / Voice of Freedom.
  8. Shabwa governor bin Edeiw puts his province at the cutting edge of security and development, after years of marginalization. /Almahrah Online.

  9. Six STC militants were killed by government forces during confrontations in Shabwa/ Multiple websites.

  10. Former PM bin Daghr: Abyan clashes deepen Yemen’s conflict. And the STC control on Aden won’t last long because they (STC) are void of coexistence values. /Hadhrarem Net.

  11. In the footsteps of Israel, Houthis storm a market (Alsuneinah) in Sana’a by gunmen, military trucks and bulldozers./Aden Alghad

  12. A journalistic report shows how Houthis tap mobile phones and manipulate people. /Yemen Media.

  13. Several people were killed and injured in armed clashes in Saba Roundabout in Sana’a. / Multiple websites.

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