News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-11-26

News Digest from Yemeni websites 2020-11-26




  1. Yemen warns of the international tolerance with Houthi terrorist activities in the Red Sea./ Story published by Almashehad Aldowali.

  2. The Yemeni Government: The Houthis must be designated a “terrorist group.”/The Arab Network for News.

  3. The spokesman of the army says the Houthi massive attack has been repelled, calling on the ICRC to collect the dead bodies of Houthis in Nehm and Marib./Alshahed News.

  4. The Southern Transitional Council militia in Abyan have reinforced their frontlines with quality weapons especially heat-seeking missiles in preparation to resume fighting the government. / Almashehad Alyemeni.

  5. Saudi Arabia assures President Hadi on its commitment to getting the Riyadh Agreement implemented./ Almashehad Aldowali

  6. Warnings are issued against forming government before the STC’s implementation of the “military arrangements”, their end of the bargain./Nabdh al-Share’a.

  7. A government source has affirmed that Yemen’s political leadership has resisted pressures to form the new Cabinet before the STC’s implementation of the Military Arrangements term of the Riyadh Agreement./Alyemeni Alyowm.

  8. Gunmen intercept military officer Abdullah Tinah in Aden and shoot im dead./Multiple websites.

  9. The Houthi militia have asked the former army’s members to join the warfronts against the government or resign from their public jobs./Almashehad Aldowali.

  10. Twenty one Houthi militants were killed and an arms cache was destroyed in artillery fire west of Marib./Khabar News Agency.

  11. A young girl has been shot injured by Houthi militants when she was gazing her goats in al-Durayhim, south of Hodeiday. /Maz Press and other websites.

  12. The army in Osayfirah district of Taiz seized a Houthi cell involved in shelling the city and killing civilians. /Akhbar Alyemen.


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