Houthis’ landmines continue claiming civilians’ lives in Al-Jawf

Houthis’ landmines continue claiming civilians’ lives in Al-Jawf

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis’ landmines killed and injured about 20 civilians over one week in Al-Jawf province, north east Yemen.

The human rights committee of Al-jawf’s local authority reported on Tuesday that it received reports from citizens on the death of three civilians and injury of 17 others by stepping on anti-personnel landmines over the past week.

Three children and 12 women are among the reported victims, according to the local authority.

Total victims of landmines explosions reached in December 575 civilians that included 190 deaths and 385 injured people, the Human Rights Office of Al-Jawf said.

Chief of Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties said that the use of landmines is one the serious threats on civilians’ lives as a result of the ongoing fighting that broke out six years ago.

He indicated that the Houthis rebels continue planting landmines despite that Yemen is a state party to the Ottawa convention on the ban of anti-personnel landmines.

He said that the Houthis use antipersonnel landmines intensively in areas where they have no popular support to their ideology such as Taiz, Al-Jawf, Hodeida and Lahj.

He affirmed the incidents of landmines’ explosions increased in Al-Jawf following the Houthis’ takeover of the province capital early this year.

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