Over 2,000 schools out of service because of Houthis’ military use

Over 2,000 schools out of service because of Houthis’ military use

Alsahwa Net- Education in more than 2,000 schools went out of service following their use by the Houthis as arsenals or because of being occupied by displaced families.

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) said on its weekly update on displacement that over 2,000 schools in Yemen have become unfit for use because they are damaged or occupied by armed groups or shelter displaced people.

In this respect, the Executive Unit for the Management of Internally Displaced People Camps said that around 200 families have displaced from Raghwan district, northwest Marib as a result of Houthis’ shelling on displacement camps.

Raghwan district shelters over 20,000 displaced people who fled the intense fighting in Majzer district of Al-Jawf.

The executive unit said that the same district witnessed new displacement towards the capital city of Marib and Serwah district amid shelling by the Houthis on the displacement camps using missiles.

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