News Digest 2020-11-24

News Digest 2020-11-24



  1. The Houthi militia are dispatching a huge military and fighter convoy from Sana’a toward Marib. / A story published by Voice of Yemen website.

  2. A woman from the northern Hajjah province screams and paints her face with the blood of her husband (Hammed Tafyan) who was killed by a Houthi militant:an escort of the Houthi Security Director for Hajjah (Hizam Tafyan). This is a viral story on large number of Yemeni media platforms.The face painting was probably the woman’s way to draw attention to her immense heartbreak and helplessness.

  3. A mother and her two kids were injured in Houthi shelling on al-Dhaboo’a neighborhood in Taiz. / Crater Sky and other websites.

  4. Five civilians killed, seven others injured in explosion of Houthi bomb in Hodeidah. /Khabar News Agency and others.

  5. Fierce army-Houthi confrontations are going on in Aljawf, and the army reaches near al-Labinat Camp. /Newsline.

  6. More than two thousand schools have closed as a result of the Houthi coup d’état. / Almanarah Net.

  7. In this way, the army has managed to turn Mas military base into a trap that exhausts Houthi insurgents, reads a headline on Voice of Yemen website.

  8. Former Transports Minister accuses PM Maeen Abdulmalil of secretly licensing a UAE vessel to enter Socotra carrying 36 containers of weapons. Aden Alghad and multiple other websites.

  9. We will see in the coming days “a Muslim Brotherhood rebellion against the Arab Coalition,” says Khaled Al-Nasi a senior member of the UAE-created STC militia. / Voice of Yemen and Yafe’a News.

  10. Kuwait condemns Houthi terrorist militia’s attack on Saudi oil distribution station. / Sama

  11. Yemeni female activist Noora Aljarawi says soon the Houthis will be in the dustbin of history, after they get designated as “terrorists.” / Multiple websites.

  12. Watch how these Houthi changes (radicalization) of school curricula which triggered controversy, reads a headline on Newsline.

  13. The government gives the UN Special Envoy Griffiths the glad tiding its agreement to the Joint Declaration proposal. /Watan al-Ghad and other websites.

  14. The Arab Coalition destroys 500 Houthi naval mines, south of the Red Sea./Alsahwa Net and other websites.
  15. The government forces said earlier Tuesday 100 Houthi militants have been killed in the militia’s massive attacks in western Marib.

  16. Houthi fighters are rushing in a suicidal way to their fate near Marib. The militia inform the hundreds of families that their sons have been killed [in the battle against the government]. /24 Post

  17. Houthi militia dimiss 103 doctors from Sana’a main hospital Al-Thawra, a catastrophic decision. / Voice of Yemen

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