Yemen’s children continue suffering

Yemen’s children continue suffering

Alsahwa Net- The Geneva-based Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties said on Friday that World Children's Day comes and the children of Yemen experience the worse condition ever as a result of policies by warring parties represented by the Houthi militia and  Saudi-led coalition that created the world worst humanitarian crisis.

The situation left over than 12 million children in need of humanitarian aid, according to the organization.

It indicated that that the war in Yemen deprived thousands of children from their parents who have been imprisoned or killed in battles, and forced thousands to leave schools and go to an insecure job market to support their families without legal guarantees

It explained that this condition made many of them vulnerable to falling victims into the hands of recruiting gangs by the Houthi militia, and other parties to the conflict.

The suspension of teachers’ salaries, non-operation of more than 2,500 public schools that were damaged by air strikes or indiscriminate shells, or were turned into warehouses and military barracks, deprived nearly two million students from going to school.

A report by the organization said that it published a summary statistic of violations caused by the ongoing conflict in Yemen against children in Yemen from 2014 until the end of 2019.

Reported violations committed by the parties to the ongoing conflict against children in Yemen, included deliberate killings, executions and severe injuries, which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, Sam said.


The organization blamed the Houthis for more than 30,000 violations against children that represents 70 percent of the total documented abuses.

It blamed the Saudi-led coalition for 15 percent of the abuses and the government’s forces for five percent and other parties for ten percent.

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