Houthi war squeezes Marib IDP camps further inward toward city center

Houthi war squeezes Marib IDP camps further inward toward city center


By Sarah Hassan

The Houthi months-long war on Marib, a safe haven for millions of escapees from the Shia militia, is squeezing IDP camps from the governorate’s outlying districts further toward the city center.

The Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management announced in a statement on Sunday that “200 displaced families in Raghwan outskirt have lately been forced to move closer to the city center” and adjacent districts of Alwadi and Serwah as a result of constant Houthi shelling.   

More than 20 thousand internally displaced people from Houthi-held north Yemen had settled in Raghwan district before the new Houthi military attacks forced them to find a new safe place within the governorate, the last northern government stronghold and safe haven for millions of Yemenis in north Yemen.

The UN, which maintains a tacit support to Houthis, has been completely ignoring the Shia theocratic extremists’ incessant widening of wars and endangering of civilians in seeking to capture new cities from the government.

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