Risks of spill or explosion to Safer increase

Risks of spill or explosion to Safer increase

Alsahwa Net- A source of Safer Company said that risks of oil spill or explosion of the floating Safer tanker are increasing as result of the decaying tanker.

The Yemen’s Safer tanker ducked off Hodeida in the Red Sea is at risk of causing oil spill into the Red Sea water or an explosion due to lack of repairing checks since early 2015.

The Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted a source of the Safer company as saying that "The floating oil vessel usually revolves around a fixed pivot at the seabed, but several weeks ago it started to move unusually.”

The source emphasized that solutions are narrowing every day and that it is crucial to empty the tanker now, as maintenance measures are no longer effective.

The legitimate government warned frequently about a looming environmental disaster in the event the crude oil had not been removed from vessel amid Houthis’ constant defiance to permit experts of the United Nations to access and repair the tanker.

The UN asked for permission to its experts access the tanker and affirmed that its request on this issue has not been met for two years.

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