News Digest from Yemeni websites & social media 2020-11-20

News Digest from Yemeni websites & social media 2020-11-20

  1. For this year’s high school leavers to receive their graduation certificates, Houthis stipulate a” compulsory military service” in the warfronts. A Facebook post by Mohammed Almaswari, lawyer of Yemen’s former president Saleh.

  2. As their massive military reinforcements arrive in Qaniya, the Houthi militia begins a suicidal attack on Marib. /Almashehad Alyemeni.

  3. A man slaughters his one year old daughter and seven year old before killing his own self in Hamdan, Sana’a, because he was not able to put food on the table. This comes days after a teacher hanged himself to death in Ibb for the same reason. People widely blamed the Houthi militia. /Almashed al-Yemeni and several other websites.

  4. The STC militia launched a massive attack with armed drones provided by the UAE against the army in Abyan early Friday to reverse the army’s gains from the recent clashes, which the militia had started. /Alyemeni Alyoum and multiple other websites.

  5. The government said the STC escalation in Abyan is unjustified and will not deter the government’s sincere efforts to implement the Riyadh Agreement in full. /Almashed al-Yemeni and other websites.

  6. Dozens of phones were hacked in Sana’aas part of the acute rivalry between Houthi factions of Sana’a and Saadah. /Newsline.

  7. The army has defused on Thursday 957 landmines laid by the Houthis in Khab and Alshaaf areas in the northern Aljawf province. /Al-Hekmah Net.

  8. The UNHCR has distributed 134 garbage tricycles in Yemen and boasted the distribution as a project with hanged banners showing the logos of 27 world countries and international organizations as sponsors. Multiple websites reported this story in disdain calling the wide participation in a trivial project like this a “disgraceful.” Cartoonists mocked it. Facebook activist like Fatehi Al-Azraq and others called on the world to “just leave Yemen alone.”

  9. The Information Minister’s Advisor Mokhtar Arahabi said in a tweet the UAE is providing the STC militia with armed drones to kill army members and civilians in Yemen in the same way it provided to militias in Abyan. /Almahrah Online.

  10. More than 500 Houthi militants were killed in Houthi suicidal attempts to overrun Marib during the first two weeks of November, says Yemen Ambassador to the UNESCO on his facebook page enclosing a list of the militants’ names and home cities.









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