FP report exposes unlikely culprit behind Yemen’s agony?

FP report exposes unlikely culprit behind Yemen’s agony?

The US news publication, the Foreign Policy, reported on November 16 that the Trump administration is preparing to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist organization.

The report exposes an unlikely culprit who pressures the US administration to get the move thwarted on flimsy “humanitarian” grounds, and wants to sustain the life of the barbaric rebels behind Yemen’s agony: The United Nations!

Along with the severity of the Houthi inflicted agony, the complicity of the UN in saving the militia is another thing that has rubbed salt on the wound of Yemenis for six years. Rightly so. The UN stance against the designation is only a confirmation to what Yemenis know all along.

The world body wants Yemen to stay a forever hostage in the hijacking of Houthis, while the theocratic militia get saved on the grounds of the very “humanitarian crisis” they caused!

The UN also seeks to salvage the Houthis on the grounds of keeping them in the “peace negotiations,” which the maximalist theocratic militia, have never taken and will never take seriously!

As for humanitarian aid concerns, Houthis are pressing ahead with six years of stealing the aid and incessant exploitation of it to finance the war. The UN recognizes that!

The religious putschists are doubling down with literally NON-STOPPING military attempts to overrun the government-held cities from March 2015 to this moment in November 19, 2020. And the hostilities on the ground and rhetoric on the militia’s media machinery make it very clear: That this war has to go on until the “full defeat” of the government, or until the “Day of Judgment” interrupts it.

The UN knows this Houthi maximalism, violent extremism, and responsibility for literal destruction of Yemen. Yet, it overlooks them and works earnestly to save them!

Surprisingly, the UN - by voicing concerns only on humanitarian aid and peace talks-  implicitly acknowledges that Houthis are terrorists, and at the same time it wants them to stay as humanitarian work counterparts at the helm of power and based in the capital Sana’a, where only the legitimate government should be!

And more and more subtle notices will lead anyone to discover how conspiratorial the UN is.  

Despite nominally recognizing President Hadi’s government in 2014, the UN conspired with the Shia putschists from the very beginning to thwart its restoration and legitimize the Houthis in effect. The aspects of that conspiracy are too many, but off this topic.

The UN has stood behind the Houthis for all what they did, so it is their accomplice in all the agony they have brought upon the Yemeni people.

  • This opinion reflects the viewpoint of its author only.

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