Headlines from Yemen news websites 2020-11-19

Headlines from Yemen news websites 2020-11-19

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami calls for ending the armed rebellion in Socotra archipelago. /Almahrah Alghad website.


Houthis launch an extortion campaign against gold and jewelry shops in Sana’a. /Newsline.


Houthi militia launch a campaign to recruit [marginalized] female soldiers. /Almashehad Alyemeni.


[Sana’a Human Rights Ministry office] report: Houthis committed more than 24 thousand rights violations against children in Sana’a city in one year. /Alharf28

Houthi militia attack a Hodeidah neighborhood with four rockets. /Al-Rashad.


Cancer patients in Taiz go to seek treatment but face Houthi mortar rounds. /Almasdar Online.


Three civilians have been killed by Houthi landmine in Hodeidah. /Almasdar Online.


Two senior Houthi militants reject the orders of the militia’s Political Council chairman Al-Mashat and the latter warns of a popular revolt in Sana’a that might “uproot everyone.” /Almashehad Alyemeni.




The UAE produces canned fish from stolen Yemeni fisheries, claiming ownership on them and depleting Yemeni fishery wealth. /Newsline


Nine warfronts become like a black holes for Houthis: 600 militants killed in

half a month. /Al-Hikmah Net.

Houthis cancel public salaries in their entirety, and the militia’s revenues amount to two trillion Riyals. /Khabar News Agency.


American [Center for Justice] calls on the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to respect human rights. /Almashehad Alyemeni.


A cleric delivers a sermon to the STC to incite them to keep fighting [against the government forces] in Abyan. /Aden Net.

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