Why we shouldn’t pin much hopes on the US designation of Houthis as terror organization?

Why we shouldn’t pin much hopes on the US designation of Houthis as terror organization?

Firstly, because the Houthi terrorism issue concerns us the Yemenis most, not others.

Secondly, the US “designation” may take place and may not. There are a lot of hurdles in the way and a lot of determination to prosecute the conspiracy.  

The UN, which helped the Shia putschists retain their theocratic rule and run off the hook for six years, seems willing to help them further until they get through and declare victory. No matter how far-right theocrats the Houthis are. And no matter the massive scale of crimes against humanity they have persistently committed and will continue to commit.

One can read, in the Foreign Policy, about the earnest pressure the world body is exerting now to prevent Donald Trump from designating them as a terror organization!  

In addition, the western media have over the past six years maintained a massive brainwash campaign that stood the Yemen facts on head: Portrayed President Hadi as unpopular and the Shia extremist Houthis as freedom fighters, civilian defenders or even victims!; and systematically exaggerated the civilian casualties from the Coalition’s airstrikes, while eclipsing the bigger toll from the daily terrorist-style warfare by the Houthi militia on the ground.

Although the brainwashing campaign waned these two months, it has already shaped the international understanding about the war in Yemen in such a way that identifies Houthis as victims! The US president-elect himself has assimilated the credo, and is one of those who sees that the way to save civilians in Yemen is by ending the air strikes.

Things seem as though it was designed from the beginning that this air bombing campaign stays ineffectual for years, and earn notoriety increasingly till the point of ending it and getting the Yemeni “legitimacy” to fall apart with it, as a collateral casualty.  And the Shia extremists win! 

Thirdly, the designation of an Iran-linked militia as “a terrorist organization” may not be an effective deterrent as we might think. Look at Hezbollah. What has the US designation of it as a terrorist organization done? Nothing!

Fourthly, it is no wise to rely on something unguaranteed, when the threat is to you, and is an existential one. Iran already has its hands on most of the populated north Yemen.  


  • This opinion reflects the viewpoint of its author only.

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