Gov’t official: Iran’s meddling must be stopped to end Yemen’s war

Gov’t official: Iran’s meddling must be stopped to end Yemen’s war

Alsahwa Net- Minister of Information, Muamar Al-Eryani renewed on Wednesday his government’s care about ending the war in the country and suffering of the people.

He said that that this path begins with stopping Iran’s meddling in Yemen and pressuring the Houthis to engage in peace.

Al-Eryani voiced these remarks following a report published by the Brookings Institution last Tuesday that asked for an end to the war in Yemen for strategic and humanitarian reasons.

He said that the war broke out in Yemen as a result of the Iran-backed Houthis’ coup in late 2014.

“Houthi terrorist militia practiced unprecedented atrocities and crimes against civilians including murder, displacement, abduction, enforced disappearances, torture, child recruitment, planting mines, destroying homes of opponents and looting property,” Al-Eryani said.

 He said that these acts by the Houthis led to the worst humanitarian crisis.

“The war revealed Iran's involvement in plotting and managing Houthis’ coup and provide financial support, arms shipments, political, media and military experts to tighten its grip on Yemen to turn it into a platform to target Saudi Arabi, threaten energy and international routes in Bab Al-Mandab and the Red Sea,” he said.

Al-Eryani affirmed that “Dealing with the Houthis as fait accompli and possibility of coexistence ignores its bloody history and ideology that is based on killing, the practice of terror against civilians and persecution of minorities.”

He added that allowing the Iran-linked Houthis to rule Yemen jeopardizes Yemen’s security and threatens peace in region and the world.

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