NGO condemns STC’s travel ban to 50 injured people

NGO condemns STC’s travel ban to 50 injured people

Alsahwa Net-The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemned on Wednesday the ban of travel for treatment by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces against 50 injured people from Taiz province.

The ACJ said that the STC held on 14 November the amputees at Al- Alam security checkpoint on the entrance to Aden, banned them from travelling and forced them return to Tawr Al-Baha district of Lahj on the border with their home province.

The 50 amputees were supposed to cross Aden on their land journey to Al-Mahra on Oman’s border to receive medical treatment there.

It noted that the 50 inured people are still lying on streets in Tawr Al-Baha where they are waiting for STC’s approval so that they can travel to Oman.

 Omani authorities established a prosthetic limbs center for treating the war victims in Yemen.

The STC’s armed men in Aden abducted early this month and forcibly disappeared an elderly man from Taiz named Abdul Qadir Al-Shaibani when he was on his way to Aden Airport for traveling for treatment, the ACJ said.

“Al-Shaibani hasn’t been released yet and his whereabouts have not been disclosed,” the center said.

It added that this “poses a threat to his life because of his deteriorating health and his old age.”

“ACJ condemns these violations and abuses as they affect human rights guaranteed by national legislations and protected by international conventions and treaties that guarantee the right to travel freely, the right to receive medical treatment, the right to be treated equally,” the ACJ statement read.

It warned against repercussion of these acts and said that such abuses represent serious human rights violations.

It called on the STC’s forces to respect human rights without prejudice to the right to travel freely and to protect the right of the wounded, patients and amputees to receive treatment since they are regarded as protected groups and to stop any form of regional discrimination.

Human rights groups have deplored the use of Aden Airport as a trap to illegally arrest passengers and forcibly disappear them.

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